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The expertise and experience to deliver high-quality results, no matter the industry or keywords. Established in 2012, BrandishSEO began operation on freelance networks but has since grown into the business and platform you see today.

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Custom-tailored solutions.

  • Always unique and actionable
  • Easy to understand
  • Clear roadmap w/ prioritized tasks
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Assistance does not end after delivery.

  • Life-time support per website
  • Implementation review
  • Readjustments when necessary
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High-quality SEO that's accessible:

  • No hidden costs
  • 100% white-hat
  • Free project management platform

How it all works - from start to finish.

First, fill out a short form about your website, and include any specific questions you want to be answered. Next, you'll receive your strategy and audit within four weeks. Use BrandishSEO's Project Management platform to make implementation a breeze.

The SEO strategies provided by BrandishSEO can significantly boost organic traffic for businesses of all sizes. However, the company was founded with the primary goal of helping small businesses. Therefore, monthly fees and high entry costs are gone in favor of an affordable approach suitable for any entrepreneur. So, whether you're a blogger or launching the next tech giant, BrandishSEO shares your passion and can help fuel your organic success.

After completing payment and filling out a short form, you'll receive your SEO strategy within four weeks. Strategies cover actionable on-site and off-site solutions, link building, keyword research, implementation instructions, answers to any specific questions you may have, and more. Accompanying each problem found is an explanation as to why it's hindering performance and what's required to fix it. Discover the why and how behind everything - all in a prioritized, easy-to-follow road map.

Once your strategy is ready, use our project management platform, at no added cost, to make implementation a breeze. From there, you can manage tasks, invite coworkers, communicate, and exchange files. All-in-all, you're gaining unlimited access to an SEO expert, a custom SEO strategy, and a platform to manage it at a single, unbeatable price.

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Key deliverables
BrandishSEO delivers professional SEO strategies at an affordable price. The following is a brief synopsis of the key deliverables. Click here for a complete list of everything you receive with your purchase.
Custom Solutions

Handcrafted strategy from an SEO professional with 9+ years of experience.

Link Building

Actionable link acquisition strategy. Find out exactly who to target and how.

Link Audit

Ensure current backlinks are within Google Guidelines, creating a link removal strategy if necessary.

Keyword Strategy

Comprehensive keyword report covering keyword priority, silo structure, and sub-topic authority.

E - A - T

Strategy to enhance the Expertise, Authority, and Trust of your website. Important for YMYL* and commerce.

Content Audit

Audit current content for uniqueness, optimization opportunities, and overall value.

Content Strategy

Content calendar with optimization strategy and keyword targets for each article.

Technical Optimization

Audit of H1 title tags, meta titles, meta descriptions, internal linking, Google Analytics, and more.

Ongoing Support

Here to help whether you have questions about the strategy or implementation process.

Innovative, Affordable SEO

No monthly fees or hidden charges are associated with our SEO services—experience cutting-edge solutions affordable for any business with BrandishSEO.

Keyword Strategy
  • Keyword strategy (50 terms)
  • Instructions on how to target each keyword
  • Keyword data including search volume and difficulty
  • Includes long-tail and short keywords
  • Custom-tailored to provide realistic targets and growth
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Full SEO Audit & Strategy
  • Complete on-site/technical audit
  • Keyword strategy (50 terms)
  • Link building strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Backlink audit
  • Content audit
  • Competitor analysis x1
  • Project management platform
  • Expertise, Authority, Trust strategy
  • Lifetime support
  • Implementation review
  • Click here for more info
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For any additional questions, please feel free to reach out.

The audit is the first step toward creating a targeted SEO strategy. An audit involves combing through your website and pinpointing any problems. The strategy encompasses the tactics and solutions necessary to address the issues found in the audit. So what you receive is a complete strategy based on an exhaustive audit.

All strategies are completed and e-mailed to the client within four weeks. You can also expect to receive updates along the way, so you're always aware of the current status.

Yes. All solutions offered are 100% white-hat and compliant with Google's guidelines. In addition, our strategies are designed to run no risk of any future penalty. Future-proofing is accomplished by offering solutions that do not attempt to game the algorithm. Instead, the focus is placed on building reputable, authoritative, and influential websites.

You'll receive a written strategy and all supporting documents, including spreadsheets for backlink targets and keywords. The strategy developed will be based on a thorough audit of your website, keyword research, industry research, competitor research, and Google Analytics. All customers also receive free access to our project management platform to make implementation a breeze. No prior experience or knowledge of SEO is necessary to execute your strategy successfully. However, lifetime support comes with all purchases should any questions or problems arise.

Yes, please click here for a sample strategy. A complete strategy will follow the same format but covers all optimization opportunities in addition to backlink, content, and keyword strategies.

Yes. If you're interested in white-label, check the "white-label" option at checkout. Doing so will ensure the strategy and all supporting documents are entirely unbranded. However, this only applies to the strategy. The project management platform cannot be offered white-label at this time. So, if you're only interested in the strategy itself, then yes, white-label is an option.

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