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BrandishSEO was founded to provide affordable and effective SEO that leverages the power of technology to make implementation easy. Find out more about what makes BrandishSEO unique, or feel free to reach out with any questions.


Hi, I'm Dorian Adams, Founder of BrandishSEO. I began BrandishSEO with one mission: Make Search Engine Optimization more accessible, effective, and powerful for small businesses like yours.

SEO should be affordable, and the best way to make it so is by eliminating costly monthly retainers. So, here's a big secret. The SEO implementation process is not magic. The magic comes in accurately diagnosing a website and crafting a plan that will lead to organic success. It takes years of experience and research to pinpoint every nuanced issue afflicting organic performance and address those problems in a white-hat strategy. Once you have all the answers, implementation is straightforward. Therefore BrandishSEO was built to provide the most critical and challenging part of any organic campaign, the strategy. In focusing on the strategy and audit, it's possible to offer an affordable SEO service without sacrificing results. To be clear, I am not offering a shortcut. However, I am providing the most cost-effective way to boost organic performance if you can invest the time to implement it.

Effectiveness is just as important as affordability. I understand what your business means to you and how organic traffic can influence your success. As an entrepreneur, I share your passion for building a successful business. So to ensure every SEO strategy is effective, they all come with lifetime support. If the initial plan doesn't deliver results for whatever reason, it will be adjusted until it does. Most importantly, every strategy includes an exhaustive website audit and clearly outlines every optimization opportunity.

With BrandishSEO, I also strive to leverage the power of technology. Not to create strategies - that will always remain manual. Instead, I will use technology to provide the tools necessary to make the implementation and management process a breeze. So, when it comes to providing a more powerful service, my goal is for BrandishSEO to be a one-stop shop for everything you need. Currently, that means offering a free project management platform in addition to your strategy, but there's far more to come.

This mission statement fuels the business and platform you see before you. I genuinely believe SEO can be done differently, and I can't wait for you to see everything in action.

Let's succeed together. Whether you're a blogger, a local shop, or anything in-between, I look forward to working with you.

Dorian Adams

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