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Strategy Overview

Every section of your SEO strategy at-a-glance

Keyword Research

A keyword report is only helpful when accompanied by the information necessary for successful implementation. Therefore, you will receive a comprehensive keyword report that delivers valuable data and actionable tactics. This approach ensures you know what keywords to target and how to target them. Expressly, the following is provided, target keywords, associated search volume, keyword difficulty metrics, recommended content length, sub-keywords/information to boost the relevancy of the primary keyword, silo structure, internal linking recommendations, target page, and target page type.

Content Strategy

SEO-focused editorial guidelines and content calendar are provided for you or your editorial team to follow. The guidelines detail how content should be structured and optimized for the best organic performance. Including heading tag usage, recommended article length, actionable promotion strategy (including social media and link building via outreach), and procedures to ensure the content remains fresh. To be used in conjunction with the keyword strategy. Overall, the content strategy aims to increase your brand's authority on suitable topics, drive organic backlinks, and target relevant keywords.

Link Building

Receive an actionable list of specific websites to target for backlinks. With your industry and website in mind, research is conducted to find the best websites to target. The tactics required to obtain the links will vary based on what's realistic and best suited for your website. But will typically include content marketing opportunities, guest blogging, outreach, and press. In addition to providing link targets, you also receive detailed information on how to execute each tactic. Even down to custom e-mail templates to use for outreach. So, you'll know precisely which sites to target for your white-hat link-building campaign and how to target them.

Competitor Analysis

Receive the complete 4-1-1 on your highest-ranking competitor. The information from performing competitor analysis helps identify what works in your specific industry/niche. Specifically, the research outcome effectively highlights the competitive advantages that result in their organic success. Next, a plan is formulated to close the gap and surpass them in every aspect possible. Like all sections of your custom strategy, opportunities will be detailed and presented as a prioritized list of tasks. The result eliminates their advantages, which is key to beating any well-established competition.

Content Audit

While the content strategy illustrates how to develop and optimize new content, the content audit focuses on existing content. Auditing your website's content begins with analyzing important content-relevant pages, including blog articles, the home page, and other landing pages critical to your organic success. These pages are checked for uniqueness/duplicate issues, effective keyword targeting, proper length, overall value, and technical factors such as canonicalization. As always, problems found are elaborated upon and prioritized in an easy-to-follow list of tasks.

Link Audit

First, it's essential to understand that every website will have spammy backlinks. It's unavoidable and typically not a cause for concern. However, what must be addressed are any link schemes that the webmaster may have initiated to boost their rankings artificially. Therefore your backlink audit will check for any paid links, links contained in sponsored content, link exchanges, and other problematic schemes. Recommended remediation (if necessary) will likely involve ending the scheme or adding a "no-follow" attribute to the links in question, per Google's guidelines.


Your Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness are now more critical than ever, especially true for YMYL websites. YMYL stands for Your Money or Your Life and is a common acronym used to reference any website in the health or financial space. Google measures E-A-T to ensure they're not exposing their users to content that can harm their health or finances. E-A-T is also essential for businesses, but in this case, Google wants to avoid sending their users to companies that are fly-by-night or total scams. Therefore, this strategy section will ensure you send the right signals to Google, so the algorithm knows you're trustworthy.


Your technical audit offers a complete analysis covering all coding-related factors that can impact organic performance. Including meta titles, meta descriptions, heading tag implementation, site speed and performance, mobile optimization and usability, broken links, bounce rates, sitemaps, robots.txt files, internal linking, Google Analytics audit (if available), and more. No stone is left unturned. Suppose there's a technical element that can be optimized to improve performance. In that case, it will be detailed and included in your prioritized list of tasks, making the implementation process as easy and effective as possible.


During checkout, a form allows you to submit questions you want answered in your custom strategy. Please, take advantage of this and include as many as you want! Once delivered, BrandishSEO's project management platform allows us to maintain communication, provide support every step of the way, and review your implementation. You can request feedback at any time or pose any additional questions. Revisions to your strategy are possible if it doesn't meet your expectations or produce the desired results. All strategies come with lifetime support, meaning you have lifetime access to an SEO expert and our platform*.

*Lifetime support, feedback, answers, revisions, and assistance only apply to the website for which the strategy was purchased. Therefore, any requests must be relevant to that specific website.

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What makes BrandishSEO unique
Unparalleled support and the only all-in-one platform for SEO strategy services.
  • Unlimited advice and implementation support throughout the lifetime of your website.

  • Receive your strategy within four weeks of purchase.

  • Easily manage your SEO from our unique project management platform.

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See what previous clients had to say about BrandishSEO and its founder, Dorian Adams.

Naturopathic Clinic

"I was impressed with the quality of Dorian's SEO work, but what really surprised me was how frequently I was offered good strategy advice outside of the scope of the contract. With every message and interaction, he included an idea or observation that was usually insightful and helpful. I really enjoyed working with him."
- Caelan H.

Marketing Agency

"Dorian knows his stuff. You can trust him to do what he says. His SEO strategy is on point. 10/10 would hire again in a heartbeat if he is available."

- Gabe N.

How it works

The path to SEO success has never been more thorough and accessible.

Fill out a brief form to get started. The information provided helps us personalize the strategy for your website and business. Additionally, feel free to ask any questions you would like answered in your strategy.
Receive your actionable SEO strategy within four weeks. All strategies include actionable on and off-page solutions, prioritized tasks, implementation instructions, and unlimited support per website.
Manage your campaign with BrandishSEO's project management platform. Track tasks, exchange files, and communicate with coworkers or your BrandishSEO partner.

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Keyword Strategy
  • Keyword strategy (50 terms)
  • Instructions on how to target each keyword
  • Keyword data including search volume and difficulty
  • Includes long-tail and short keywords
  • Custom-tailored to provide realistic targets and growth
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Full SEO Audit & Strategy
  • Complete on-site/technical audit
  • Keyword strategy (50 terms)
  • Link building strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Backlink audit
  • Content audit
  • Competitor analysis x1
  • Project management platform
  • Expertise, Authority, Trust strategy
  • Lifetime support
  • Implementation review
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Why Choose BrandishSEO for Your SEO Strategy

More than a report, when choosing BrandishSEO, you're gaining unlimited access to an SEO expert with a decade of experience in the industry. Therefore, when your custom-tailored and actionable strategy is complete, you're not on your own! You'll receive assistance throughout the implementation process. You can also ask questions regarding your website or even receive advice on any forthcoming updates to Google's algorithm. In short, you'll have an SEO expert whose brain you can pick whenever you need. All in addition to the strategy itself, at no added cost.

The Strategy

First and foremost, BrandishSEO's strategies are 100% white hat and made specifically for your website and business. The process starts with performing a thorough website audit and then researching one of your top-ranking competitors. With that, you will receive a comprehensive strategy that covers all problem areas and ensures the proposed solutions can outshine your best competitor. Turnaround time is four weeks or less, depending on the number of issues.

BrandishSEO's Project Management Platform

All customers gain immediate access to BrandishSEO's easy-to-use project management platform. From here, you can easily manage every aspect of your SEO project. Invite coworkers to your team, assign tasks, track progress, and communicate efficiently from one centralized platform. To see it in action, click here. Best yet, once your custom strategy is ready and uploaded, the platform automatically reads it and generates an organized list of tasks within your PM platform, eliminating tedious work.


You receive a thorough strategy based on a manual, exhaustive website audit. Included is a link-building plan with specific targets, an analysis of your current backlinks, a content strategy, a content audit, a keyword strategy, technical recommendations, implementation instructions for every task, and more. You also gain access to BrandishSEO's unique project management platform to make implementation a breeze. You will receive everything necessary to propel your organic rankings while gaining a partner to help you at every step.

Have a question? Feel free to reach out anytime, or click here to get started.


For any additional questions, please feel free to reach out.

The audit is the first step toward creating a targeted SEO strategy. An audit involves combing through your website and pinpointing any problems. The strategy encompasses the tactics and solutions necessary to address the issues found in the audit. So what you receive is a complete strategy based on an exhaustive audit.

All strategies are completed and e-mailed to the client within four weeks. You can also expect to receive updates along the way, so you're always aware of the current status.

Yes. All solutions offered are 100% white-hat and compliant with Google's guidelines. In addition, our strategies are designed to run no risk of any future penalty. Future-proofing is accomplished by offering solutions that do not attempt to game the algorithm. Instead, the focus is placed on building reputable, authoritative, and influential websites.

You'll receive a written strategy and all supporting documents, including spreadsheets for backlink targets and keywords. The strategy developed will be based on a thorough audit of your website, keyword research, industry research, competitor research, and Google Analytics. All customers also receive free access to our project management platform to make implementation a breeze. No prior experience or knowledge of SEO is necessary to execute your strategy successfully. However, lifetime support comes with all purchases should any questions or problems arise.

Yes, please click here for a sample strategy. A complete strategy will follow the same format but covers all optimization opportunities in addition to backlink, content, and keyword strategies.

Yes. If you're interested in white-label, check the "white-label" option at checkout. Doing so will ensure the strategy and all supporting documents are entirely unbranded. However, this only applies to the strategy. The project management platform cannot be offered white-label at this time. So, if you're only interested in the strategy itself, then yes, white-label is an option.